Saturday, September 3, 2011


Paso Robles is quite diff from expected.

Hrm. Ok that was a lie. Cuz i had little (if any) expectations.

Met a few dogs big n small

Drank a few bottles.

Not sure if I'm liking it just yet.

Vacay is spectacular nevertheless. No one complains about being away. Right?

- posted. on. the. road.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Announcing our THREE winners of the Mavea Elemaris water filter giveaway contest!!
  • Kitchen Runway
  • Oliver
  • GandCDurst
Claim your prize by emailing your mailing address to: hello (at)
Thanks everyone for entering!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Giveaway - Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher

We are hosting our first giveaway on our blog! How exciting and great! The good people of Mavea gave me and Chris each a Mavea Elemaris (5 glass) pitcher of our own to try out before we offer it to you. I got the black one, as pictured below, and Chris has an eggplant one! (Retail value approx $30 each)

I like to offer my guests plenty of beverages, including freshly filtered cold water alongside all their wine or beer flights. You have to have a palate cleanser in between tastings or food.

What I really like about the Mavea is that it's not a clunky looking pitcher. It actually looks like something that I would put on my dinner table as part of the service equipment.

Cool features:

  • Digital reader that tells you the life span of the filter on the top

  • Fill top spout, so you don't have to remove the cover each time

  • Slim design that doesn't take a lot of space in the fridge or table

  • Grippy rubber bottom so it won't get knocked over easily

  • Recyceable filters through the company

  • BPA-Free plastics!

  • Mavea writes a blog that supports sustainable water usage

Now the CONTEST!

We are giving away THREE of the Mavea Elemaris in Black or Eggplant! We are selecting three lucky winners to get one of these sent to you for your own enjoyment.


  • Write a comment in this post about why you want it

  • Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

  • Do all three and share this giveaway to get extra entries!!

Contest closes midnight PST May 23, 2011. We'll announce the winner that week. US entries only please.

Thanks for entering!!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello again

I was going to say that it's been a little hectic lately, such was the excuse I was about the use for the lack of blogging. Then, I had a second thought: this is our blog, a place where we were supposed to be completely honest and forthcoming.

So here it is, the reason ..

I've been very, very, lazy.

and then..worse.. I lost my camera.

Lack of motivation + missing equipment = not much to blog about.

A little sad..

But I'll be back to the routine soon enough.. there's been much going on and it's time we write 'em all down :)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Planning a trip to France for WINE

I've been to Paris before, but never to wine towns in Burgundy, Chablis, Bordeaux, and Champagne. It's been a long time dream to head back to France again to explore beyond the major city of Paris. I wanted to see the old world wine making with my own eyes, and really immerse us in the experience.

I think with my husband's pinot noir coming along, it's really time to make a trip to see some of the families of the Burgundy area. The hard part seems to be finding which places to go see, and how to get around with a car or train.

I'm using these two websites right now to read up on the how to's. I'm seriously so thankful for blogs for just about everything, including these that focus on French wine trips.

There is SO much to see and so much to do. I really don't know how we'll end up getting to all the areas of wine in one short trip. Where to start, where to focus...feeling a little bit lost. I'd love to see everything in France in one trip, but I hardly think that's possible.

Do you have experience in Burgundy, Chablis, or Champagne? We would really appreciate your recommendations and tips!

As planning goes on, I'll be sure to share what I find out with you too!

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$1 to Japan Relief Red Cross for each new friend on Facebook

The Wan Fiore Project and Corque are joining forces to donate our cash to the Japan Earthquake relief for each new friend we add to our Facebook pages! (Up to $500).

Add us or add Wan Fiore Project, or add us both! It's worth $1!

Click on the buttons for our respective Facebook pages. Thanks in advance for your support!

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Been on a hiatus ... Bossa Nova Juice

Yeah it's been quite a while since I last posted. Sorry to everyone for the unexpected vacation from blogging. Ever since the new year started, it's been the usual New Year's resolution bit with getting healthy and eating / drinking better.

This year's resolution is primarily focused around my parents getting healthier, so as a way to support them, I've also signed up for the healthy 2011.

I received a box of Bossa Nova Superfruit juices in January. What great timing for the healthy resolution 2011. I know lots of those vitamin waters and juices out there are more convenience products than healthful, but I can get behind these varieties of juices because of the natural ingredients and the amazing fruits that are used.

The Bossa Nova juice company uses antioxidant rich fruits such as acai, dragonfruit, mangosteen, passionfruit, and blueberries. Organic agave sweetener helps to enhance the fruits and mellow out any kind of tartness. The juice is really flavorful and satisfying compared to just having a glass of orange juice. I actually like to dilute it a bit with water to make it the thinner consistency that I prefer. It's great for a morning drink or an afternoon refresher that quenches a thirst.

I see these at the supermarket, if you want to try the juices.

Now the main question will it taste when spiked?! (evil laugh)

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